Pizza Crust

Dough made from fresh stone-milled grains from Maine.
The memorable crust your customers will devour.
Now you can serve The Good Crust.

Good Crust for your pizza chefs.

“When this dough thaws, it is relaxed and easily stretched, which saves me time when orders line up. Once cooked, it provides a light and structurally sound base for any pizza toppings.”

The Miller's Table Pizza Chef

The Good Crust is versatile.

"It was a family ritual on the weekend to have fresh bialys for breakfast growing up in Brooklyn. After tasting bialys made with Heather's dough, we were both transported back to the old neighborhood, but hers were even better! Her dough was remarkably delicious."

Use The Good Crust for pizza, focaccia, bialys and more!

The Good Crust Customer

Good for your customers, your kitchen, your community.

“Our cafe customers are seeking better tasting, better quality food that is convenient and locally sourced. By paying a little bit more for pizza dough that includes 100% Maine Grains, I know that every dollar I spend on ingredients is supporting the Maine economy and making life better for our friends and neighbors.”

CEO Maine Grains
Managing Owner Miller's Table Cafe

Good for the economy,
good for our crust,
good for people.

"A regional mill like Maine Grains represents a more radical vision: the return of true agricultural localism. The flour industry might seem an unlikely arena for business innovation. Instead of high tech, it is low-tech businesses like craft beer and community supported agriculture that seem to stand at the forefront of economic transformation."

The New York Times Opinion Writer

Serve The Good Crust to your customers.

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Good decision.

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